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I’ve just come back from several weeks in Austin, Texas.

This wasn’t a holiday as such, but I was mostly free to please myself and do whatever I fancied.  I had various guidebooks, and there is an array of websites with suggestions.  The big tourist things – Lady Bird Park, the State Capitol building, the Bob Bullock museum – are in all these books.

But there were some other things, such as quilt shops and the Treaty Oak, which would be interesting to me, even if they aren’t in the standard guidebooks. Without a list I might be almost next door to a good place to go and miss it, because I wasn’t thinking about it at the time, or hadn’t checked the website for the address.

So I wrote myself a little travel guide of these other things and took a couple of copies with me, one permanently in the rental car, another in my handbag.  I didn’t go everywhere in my guide (none of the star parties, for example), and it is not the definitive list of top sites.  But having gone to the bother of creating it in a nice format for printing, I’m putting it out there for anyone else who is interested.

Penny’s Austin Adventure Guide v1.1

I’m happy for anyone to print out copies for themselves, but it should be noted that some of the chunks of text are basically cut’n’pasted from websites (but probably edited for brevity), so don’t use it commercially.  Also it will get out of date as soon as the first shop changes their hours.

Please let me know if you find it useful!






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