Flexible autumn

I write this on a blustery June day when someone has tweeted “is it this winter or next winter?”

Whether June is this winter or not is a bit like saying that an HS2 event is supposed to happen “in the autumn”. Various pronouncements were made yesterday along the lines of the Phase 2 announcement will be made in the autumn (of 2015).

But the announcement of the decision on the whole of the Phase 2 route is already way behind, having originally been due in 2014.

Out of date HS2 timeline, showing missed dates
Out of date HS2 timeline, showing missed dates

What’s more, when it comes to the Phase 2, HS2 Ltd seems to have a very flexible definition of “autumn”.

The original Phase 2 announcement was due in autumn 2012.  This slipped to “the end of the year”, and then to “the new year” before finally being announced at the end of January 2013.  Whilst  the definition of a particular season can be elastic, ‘autumn’ is definitely over when one year changes to the next.






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