My thoughts on Ada Lovelace Day and HS2

As a former computer programmer, I’m fully behind the idea of Ada Lovelace Day.  I think it is great to remind people that women have been involved in STEM careers for centuries.

I find it amusing that the first long distance drive was by Mrs Benz to her mother after an argument with her husband, who had been developing the automobile – but in reality her husband had relied on Bertha’s money, but wouldn’t market it to enable them to recoup some of the investment.

I think it really sucks that Caroline Herschel (1750-1848) is eclipsed by her brother, in spite of discovering numerous comets herself, and being a major help to her more famous brother. (George III paid William £200 per year and Caroline £50 a year.)

What is particularly annoying me today, is the use of Ada Lovelace Day by fans of HS2 – when HS2 Ltd pay their male CEO 6 times the salary of the woman he replaced.

HS2 is a bad project and a bad company to work for. And HS2 Ltd’s actions are just as likely to put women off seeing engineering as an equal pay opportunity.